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Quick Release Collar

Quick Release Collar

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This listing is for a biothane quick release collar. You can choose between 3/4" and 1" widths. Please choose the size that would be appropriate for your dog, 3/4" collars should only be used on small dogs and puppies.

The available hardware choices are nickel plated and brass. The brass buckle is brass plated, and the rest of the brass hardware on the collar is solid brass. Please note that brass will darken as it develops a patina. This is a normal occurrence and does not affect the hardware. 

To maintain, simply wipe with a wet paper towel, or wash with soap and water. Avoid wetting plated hardware as it is not rust proof, and it should be dried after water exposure.


While biothane is the perfect material for dogs who are frequently exposed to water, it should not be used in chemically treated pools. Chlorine can cause the biothane to crack. Biothane should not be used with a flea collar. Collars should be removed when a topical flea treatment is administered, and may be replaced once the treatment has fully dried. As with chlorine, flea collars/treatments can cause biothane to crack. This does not happen in every instance, but be aware that it is a possibility and these things should be avoided for the longevity of your gear.

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